About us

From our farmer to our chef and everyone in between we’re here to make a memorable experience for you!

Field trips to the farm

Courtney is a master’s level educator that brings learning to the farm. We have camps and field trip opportunities through out the year.

Best quality products

We strive to provide the best quality to our patrons. Our market offers the best our farm and farming partners have to offer.

A few things we love to do…

Shop local

We are a local business that LOVES local businesses! Between having 10-15 local vendors at our weekend events to making room on our shelves for our fellow local businesses to shine, we are dedicated to stimulating the local economy and supporting our community!

Seasonal farm decor and more

Do you have dreams of creating your own farmhouse? Stop by our farm market to get your seasonal farm decor today!

We also carry Deans Farm Market and other southern living apparel.

Farm fresh produce

Have you noticed that your meals are missing something? Are you tired of the produce at the grocery store letting you down?

Let our farm fresh produce become a staple at your dinner table!