Parties At The Farm

Planning a family reunion, birthday party, or outing for your group this this year? Consider our fantastic outdoor Picnic and Playground area. The playground can be rented for a private party (excluding the month of October/hayride season).


 (includes large, enclosed slide, picnic tables, sand pit, swings, and large playground area)

Additions that can be made to playground package:

Hayride: $200- only during October for rental of hayride (maximum of 30 people on hayride….ADDITIONAL PEOPLE WILL PAY $10 PER PERSON)

(playground cannot be rented during hayride season, but we can reserve picnic tables for the party)

The Jolly Jump Pad:  $150


During STRAWBERRY SEASON:  Playground rental is $150 and if you choose to pick berries, we provide containers for each child at $4 a child.  Notify us of how many children when you arrive that day.

During our busiest season, HAYRIDES, the playground CANNOT be rented for private parties during business hours…..HOWEVER, If you wish to have your party during the months (late Sept. through Oct.)  of our hayrides, these are the options you can choose from:

  • Regular hayride rate ($10 per person) on a public hayride and have reserved tables for your party, FREE PUMPKIN per person and a goodie bag for each kid


  • Rental of a private hayride for your party –  the hayride will take your party back to the playground together for $250 (with the limit of 30 guests). If guests number exceeds 30, there will be a $10 charge per person (our normal rate for hayrides) after 30 (including adults/kids).  Under the age of 1 is FREE.  This includes a free pumpkin for each person, reserved space/tables for your party and a goodie bag for each kid. 



Extra FUN available for your party and can be added to your contract prior to the party:

  • Fossil Find bag for each guest –  $6/kid
  • Pumpkin Sipper for each guest with apple juice -$3/kid
  • Spookley plush character for each guest – $6/kid
  • Spookley book – $6/kid


Parties are alloted a 3 hour time slot for reserved picnic tables.  30 minutes before for set-up and 30 minutes after for cleanup, with a 2 hour party.