Deans Farm Market Strawberry Fundraising Pageant

Welcome to our 4th annual DFM Strawberry Fundraising Pageant!  This pageant is not a formal pageant, but simply one that promotes the delicious NC strawberry and the wonderful world of Agriculture, and to raise money for an important cause.  This year we have chosen the campers at the Wilson Police Department (personal needs, school supplies, etc.) as our non-profit organization to help! You will need to arrive at least one hour prior to the pageant.  

Our People’s Choice Crown will go to the contestant that raises the MOST ITEMS for our non-profit organization. We will have an amazon account set up for donations to be delivered to the farm in honor of your contestant, or you are more than welcome to drop them off during business hours. Donations will not be accepted the day of the pageant, to help us calculate the winner prior to the pageant. EACH CONTESTANT IS REQUIRED TO DONATE AT LEAST 10 ITEMS to participate in the pageant. We will release a donation list closer to the pageant day, however cleaning supplies, personal hygiene, and school supplies are what is needed.

You can also have businesses or people sponsor your contestant, however, we will not be advertising those businesses on our social media or at the pageant. You are encouraged to use your social media platform to let others know who sponsored your contestant.  

If you win, you are allowed to compete in other pageants and hold other titles, in addition to this title. Any activities throughout the year are voluntary, and not required. We encourage our queens to be active in the community, but nothing is required to do. If you were a queen from the previous year, you are not allowed to compete the following year.